Meet Lori Bastien, Owner and creator of Naples Peaceful Pets. She sets a quality standard of professional and compassionate care for her clients whether they are fur, feather and or other. Her passion and dedication for animals started in her youth, living in Central Michigan, she grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits and multiple rescues. This love continued as a teenager where she worked part-time with a local dog groomer, kennel owner and breeder. Later, she moved to and raised her children in south central Wisconsin, continuing with her love and passion for animals. There was never a dull moment with two kids, several fur babies and multiple rescues. Lori moved to Naples FL in 2012. Her love for animals, led her to begin her own business with the ideals of ‘Loving and Compassionate care for all’. Lori has dedicated her time to the hands-on care of her pet-clients and creating a business built on Peace, Trust, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, and most importantly Love.

Other Team Members

Jessica Lang

Susanna Tocco